Caramia Justian

About the Artist

Designing and Making Jewelry:
Most pieces are a mixture of 18k gold, nickel, brass and copper plated findings which give the pins their 3-dimensional look. Metals that tarnish are not used and the main theme can be from Vintage unique art pieces.

Caramia Justian (Artist):
I begin my work by soldering the best stainless steel pins to the back of the base. Then the hanging chains are soldered if the piece calls for them. Everything is dipped for cleaning and readied for the Topical Theme choice. This is done in layers with either background of leaves or stars or solid big pieces. The top layer is the Theme itself. I spend a whole day on one theme so my thought process is focused on that subject. Finally, the piece is finished with seed pearls and/or rhinestones to give it a polished classy look. A lot of the pins have hanging charms or chains to give movement and draw the eyes. Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind work of miniature art that is definitely a conversation starter.

About the Artist and Her Designs:
Although I have dabbled in the Arts all my life, I became serious about art as a profession at Oakland Collage in Farmington Hills, Michigan. I studied oils, pastels, pottery, photography and jewelry making at this time. Jewelry making was of casting, waxing, metal stampings and stone inlay work; a good all-around introduction to this craft.

Another favorite class was that of 3 dimensional canvas work, using all types of materials onto canvas to create collages of sorts. In 1980, I moved to California and Studied Interior Design at UCLA while selling my Canvas work at local Art Shows.

In 1988, I felt a need to go back to a love I had abandoned. That of Jewelry Design. I didn't want to create work similar to any one else and thought of the use of collage similar to that I did on canvas; Miniature Canvases. That is how I started creating over 110 different themes of collage brooches I am known for today!

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