Carrie Eckert

About the Artist

Since I was a young child I always worked with my hands. At about age 9 I was making purses out of skins and making sand candles and selling them to shops in my small California town. As I grew older I was a ballet dancer and all those long times during rehearsal I would knit and make quilts. I was always making anything I saw that I could make. I did faux paint finishes on furniture for years. In 1999 while visiting Barcelona, Spain, I fell in love with the grand mosaic designs of Antoni Gaudi. When I returned home, I began to teach myself the art of mosaics. I started small on tables, vases, and graduated to wall installations and sculpting out of polystyrene and using cement. In 2004, I moved to Kauai and began an art business there doing home installations and commissioned pieces. In 2005, I won the "Art in Public Places" for the state of Hawaii. I returned to California, and picked up my art business in La Quinta in 2014. Here, I have began working with different mediums that incorporate mosaics. I like the versatility of working with wall art and different mediums as well as doing my sculpting and cement work with mosaics and seashells. I live in the beautiful town of La Quinta California with my husband and 2 dogs.

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