Catherine Cowles

About the Artist

I am not ‘inspired’ by Nature, I am compelled; compelled to express my wonderment through a love of leaves. Therefore, I hunt, gather, press, preserve, and, sometimes, paint leaves. I then arrange a selection of leaves into a collage, using acid free materials and UV resistant glazing. Recently, I began experimenting with mono-prints to explore a painterly dimension. For these pieces, I add acrylic and water color inks to the leaves while composing the mono prints and–when the time is right–I marry the leaves and mono print via chin colle.

I do this work as a celebration of beauty that is effortlessly ubiquitous and frequently ignored. I am still a 2nd grader who is captivated by a collage made with melted wax paper, crayon bits and leaves. I still own my childhood love of leaves and, thorough my work, rekindle that love in others.

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