Daniel Bommarito

About the Artist

About Daniel G. Bommarito

A photographer and creative artist, Daniel’s roots to his passion, culture, and landscape photography originate from Terrasini, Sicily where his great-grandfather, Alessandro Leonardo Bommarito, was born. Alessandro’s life-long pursuit of his dreams of a better life and to produce meaningful work was passed to his son, George, and today the flame of this torch is carried onward by Daniel.

A Unites States Navy Veteran, Daniel was born in Eugene, Oregon. He grew up spending countless days and nights in the frigid cold winters of the Pacific Northwest, and the brutally hot summers of Nevada and Arizona learning about photography, mother nature, and the elements of life. Its here where he found himself, his creative spirit, and the magic of using a camera as a medium of self-expression and storytelling.

Daniel’s current photographic works range from urban landscape to remote wilderness settings where rarely a man steps foot. Regardless of the setting, one thing is certain: Photography is at the core of who he is. Stories of life emanate from his heart and mind, take form through his camera, and come to fruition as fine art for others to experience. As one of his original fans and supporters put it: Daniel grew up in the lands of the gods where majestic beauty abounds and is somehow able to routinely tap into this wondrous connection with nature and magical source of wonder, and reproduce it through his art.

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