Dar Schafer

About the Artist

I'm a self professed free spirit and "hippy at heart". I've had the amazing opportunity to travel to 26 countries, many of them numerous times. All of the places that I've visited and the wonderful people I've met along the way bring me such inspiration for my work.

I've painted since the age of 13. Sold my first at the age of 16 - Forty seven years later, still creating what I love on canvas for all to enjoy. My work is displayed in Houston as well as with numerous private & corporate collectors. I've participated in many juried shows across the country over the past two years and have won awards, including recently - Best of Show at the Fine Art Fine Wine Art Festival in Michigan.

I'm also inspired by my Ojibway heritage, who were very spiritual people. My heritage has allowed me to immersed myself into the world of abstracts. I find it very challenging and feel it's helped me progress as an artist. I enjoy the ability to create a piece of work that not only tells a story, but is also deep in the metaphysical. All my life, I've been able to connect with people and bring out what is in their soul which in itself very inspirational.

By incorporating numerous layers of different kind of textures and natural elements together on large canvases I've accomplished my goal to provide a very tactile look, touch and feel experience - almost 3D. I use heavy molding paste, charcoal, acrylic, oil paint, real gold/silver/copper leafing with natural aging processes to acquire a patina, stone, crackle pastes, burlap and other natural elements.

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