Diane Shelton

About the Artist

Diane Shelton is the Creative Artwear Design Director of WEST LOVE, the premier
community artisan of linen and silk artwear.

As an educator inspired by world travel, Ms Shelton nurtured an avid artisan appreciation for natural and hand woven colorful textiles. Against the backdrop of the Philadelphia urban scene, she developed a keen fashion eye and savvy sense for wearable art clothing.

Her creative prowess has been featured on ABC’s “Eye On LA” television program, the Los Angeles Sentinel nominated her as “One of the Ten Most Outstanding Women of the Year”, the prestigious Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts selected her unique designs for exhibition at its annual Shops at the Showcase charitable event, the National Black Nurses Association has honored her with its Institute of Excellence Ruby Award for continued support of diversity awareness, and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Yvonne Braithwaite Burke bestowed commendation upon her for service to the community.

Ms Shelton is currently working on several exhibits including the biennial National Black Theater for which she continues to expand her artwear design gallery.

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