Elisa Goodman

About the Artist

In 2008, my Artistic Muse expanded quite unexpectedly -- when my now-late husband Ken’s skin cancer diagnosis ultimately left him without SIGHT. In an effort to stay positive & keep humor flowing, I started using my creativity (comedic writing and illustrating) to keep positive vibes flowing in our home. Think School of Hard Knocks meets Carrie Fisher in an episode of “SEINFELD!”

My Gift for Digital Illustration has since opened up many NEW avenues of Creative Expression, Mindful Living & unique ways to help people shift their perspective around grief, loss and transition. My work has found an inspired audience eager to re-define meaning in their lives. I use the metaphor of the EYE to look at your Life with a fresh perspective, find your Purpose & hopefully, Get On With It which is currently offered as greeting cards, magnets, calendars, posters etc.

An inspiring memoir of my illustrations and the story tat inspired them, “Life’s Too Short to Spend with Assholes” & “Life’s Too Short Not to Get Your Ass Out of Bed and Go to Yoga” were self-published in December of 2016. (FYI: Patricia Smith has purchased them).

Additionally, I was awarded the Elizabeth Grant Visionary Entrepreneur’s Award from WIFTS (Women’s International Film & Television Showcase)in December of 2014. Prior to that, I was a Casting Director in Los Angeles for Independent Features and Television 20 years.

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