K.C. Klug

About the Artist

As all professional artists, KC Klug has a very strong dedication to his work. A Passion that must be pursued, at any cost. KC sacrificed a solid career to pursue ceramics. He’s been very successful as a full-time Artist, but now his Art is his second priority. . .second to his infant sons. In this time of “latchkey children”, KC Klug has his priorities in the right order.

KC (his first name; pronounced “KC”) was introduced to ceramics in high school and pursued it with college courses. For a regular paycheck, however, KC abandoned his potters wheel to work as a carpenter, then cabinetmaker then superintendent for a large commercial construction company. But the passion still smoldered.

After 12 years, He had saved enough to scrap his career, Set up a studio and rekindle his love of ceramics. The vivid colors and unique textures of his work brought him awards and recognition, as well as a full-time, passion-fulfilling occupation as the professional artist of his dreams. Dedication has its rewards.

After his boys were born in Spring of 1997, 1999, and 2008, KC found another passion that deserved his dedication–a close father-son relationship. Now KC spends his days with his boys, Christian, Trevan, and Kolton, while his wife DeeAnn pursues her career.
Evenings and weekends are for creating his beautiful art.

He can’t produce as many pieces, but he is just as passionate about the quality of the work in his studio as he is about the quality of his time with his boys.

Dedication has its rewards.

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