Thomas Kelly

About the Artist

Born in the northeastern section of New Jersey, I spent my early childhood in the small town of Waldwick. By the mid 1950’s my family moved to England where we lived for a little less than a year.

Although very young at the time, my most vivid memory during our stay in England, was that of a street, my father and I had walked passed on the way to watch the new movie just out then, “Strategic Air Command”. The day was a traditionally grey and drizzly English one, and the street we past had not yet been rebuilt after a World War II bombing. Nothing but the broken, empty shells of bombed out brick and stone buildings, the full length of the street, remained. The sight made a powerful impression.

The image stays with me now, nearly 60 years later. I think that at that moment, when as a 4 year old boy, gazing in disbelief and incomprehension down that street, with all its destruction, my inner view of life was forever changed.
Today my art is still guided by the disturbing image of that bombed out street. As an artist, I look for the most natural beauty I can find to create my images.
I have won awards, including, Best of Show at the Off Track Gallery in Encinitas.
My son is also a professional photographer in San Diego.

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