Yrma van der Steenstraeten

About the Artist

A few years ago I never thought I would paint birds until I organized a fundraiser for a wildlife rehabilitator specialized in raptors and as a thank you she let me release a Golden Eagle. This was such a magical moment, to hold that strong animal and give it back its freedom by letting fly away out of my arms, see it spiral up high above me. I started reading about ravens, birds that seem to have this mystery around them. I got totally fascinated by the feathered creatures and started painting them. I try to capture their characters and give much attention to the eyes, which are such an important part of all beings. It's all about contact, relating and trying to understand. I see myself dive more and more into animals’ characters, sometimes fierce other times with humor, and their relationship to humans and the world. I am also inspired by Steampunk and use that here and there to add something to the story of my paintings.

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