Portfolio Category: 2016 Artists

Aaron Chang

Aaron Chang is an award winning, internationally acclaimed artist whose work has been published all over the world in hundreds of books and magazines. In 2013 and 2014, Aaron Chang was voted “Best Artist” by Ranch and Coast magazine readers, and was named by the San Diego Tourism Authority in 2014 and 2015 as San...
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Thomas Kelly

Born in the northeastern section of New Jersey, I spent my early childhood in the small town of Waldwick. By the mid 1950’s my family moved to England where we lived for a little less than a year. Although very young at the time, my most vivid memory during our stay in England, was that of...
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Rebecca Molayem

I love to paint and capture moments in peoples lives in a more expressive and fun way and bring in the audience as they wish to interact with my characters. I do expressive and bold figurative and non figurative paintings in acrylic. By layering several brush stokes on top of each other, I like to create...
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Phil Kho

Educated Hong-Ik Univ Korea (1975), Art Center Pasadena (1985), CAULA (1987) and Pratt Art & Design NY (1989). Acrylic on canvas, modern abstract painting of natural subjects, i.e. flower, three, butterfly etc....
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Michael Carini

I am a San Diego based self-represented artist. I have been featured on the news half a dozen times in the past year, won two awards at major art fairs, and been featured in a number of respected publications. I, myself, am an artist working with a disability (though it is not widely made known)....
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