Portfolio Category: Ceramics

Michael Hirsh

I earned my BFA and MFA in ceramics back in the mid 70's. I had the privilege of studying with some of the top ceramic artists in the world including Peter Voulkos and Viola Frey. My style of work comes from the art deco/craftsman periods as well as imagery from the 50's and 60's. Before...
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Barry Hage

The process originates with low fire or high fire clay, glazes and stains. Each piece combines wheel throwing and hand building. Metallic luster of 24-carat gold or platinum enhance the design or lend an “attitude” to each piece. Some sculptures are embellished with cast clay symbolic objects, either hand carved or collected from our adventures. Recently...
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Bruce Fairman

I have worked as a potter for 40 years. The techniques I use are done by very few potters. I also run a non profit in Cambodia to train indigent potters to make better money....
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