Portfolio Category: Fiber/Textiles

Sukhrob Ziyadulloev

I am an artist originally from Uzbekistan. I have learned the art of embroidery at the age of 10 from my grandmother. Even though this craft is traditionally performed by women, my grandma had no granddaughters to teach it to, so she decided to make me her apprentice. I am very blessed to have learned...
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Diane Shelton

Diane Shelton is the Creative Artwear Design Director of WEST LOVE, the premier community artisan of linen and silk artwear. As an educator inspired by world travel, Ms Shelton nurtured an avid artisan appreciation for natural and hand woven colorful textiles. Against the backdrop of the Philadelphia urban scene, she developed a keen fashion eye and savvy...
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Gloria Lewis

With an art background I came to United States from South America 1973 . I began experimenting with various forms of art. Then over 30 years ago I discovered Silk Painting and immediately became my passion. My line consists of jackets, wraps, scarves and flowing wearables. Starting with white silk or velvet, I hand-paint each piece using...
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