Portfolio Category: Painting

Karen Granfeldt

We are a mother/son duo. Grayson lives in LA and collaborates with me on artistic designs. I live in Texas where I create the art. He returns to the studio here regularly to hand distress and clear coat each piece. Don't tell him, but it's my way of getting him home as much as possible!...
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Ebrahim Amin

“Over 40 years of experience and a constant struggle to find real artistic excellence have helped me break many technical boundaries. My portfolio features realistic still life, impressionistic landscapes, and dream-like modern paintings. Each piece impatiently waits to tell a different story. In my newest projects, I want to let my viewers experience a unique...
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Antonio Proa

I am an international artist, with exhibitions in Valencia Spain, Paris France, My work has been collected in Mexico, USA, Spain, France, Corea and Germany. Also I had an exhibition in the Mexican embassy of France, and was part of international artist exchange with parissian artists.with 22 years of trajectory i have mastered different certifications...
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