Wine & Beer Garden Presented by HARKEN WINES Brings San Diego’s Best Wine and Beer to the 2018 San Diego Festival of the Arts

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (March 29, 2018) --

We are proud to welcome HARKEN WINES as the presenting sponsor of this year’s Wine & Beer Garden. HARKEN hails from Northern California and has made a big splash at over 70 retail outlets and restaurants in Southern California.

We’re pleased to welcome back for their third year in a row, Stone Brewing. Stone has grown from a small microbrewery into one of the largest craft breweries in the United States, employing more than 1,100 amazing women and men. That tremendous growth is strictly the result of word-of-mouth demand for their beers, as they have never paid to advertise their beer in print or broadcast media. That’s correct. Never.  Stone is also proud that over the years they have grown without compromising their commitment to business ethics. In an industry known for its vigorous—and at times unseemly—competition, they have embraced collaboration, integrity and quality as the hallmarks of our business. Stone has been a great partner for our region with a strong belief in being a vital component of the economic, social, and environmental life of the community.

We are pleased to welcome our newest brewery to the festival’s beer & wine garden, Duckfoot Brewing Company.  In 2012, Head Quack Matt DelVecchio was living it up in cozy New York City. He was brewing away in his casa with the ultimate dream of owning his own craft brewery.   Wrench in his plan: Celiac Disease. As his gluten-filled world came crashing down, his wife, Katie, gave him a swift kick in the pants. Make lemons into beer. He discovered a novel way to make beer with a natural enzyme that does nothing more than remove gluten from beer. Rejoice! Soon, the mild-mannered man with the malt mustache and his wife headed west to Encinitas.  Then he met another New York Transplant, Brett Goldstock, who also had dreams of making great beer.  It wasn’t long before they opened an amazing San Diego craft brewery and tasting room off Miramar and began to sell lots of beer, not because it was gluten free, but because it tasted so GOOD!  Learn more about Duckfoot and how art, beer and surf collide.

It all started with a gift home brew kit, a passion for making great beer, and ongoing taste-test experiments in the garage with plastic buckets, stovetop kettles, and willing friends. After countless trips to the local home brew store and nearly 20 years, Rough Draft Brewing Company was conceived with one mission in mind - create innovative, high-quality craft beers worth sharing with those who love beer as much as we do.

After a one-year hiatus, we’re pleased to welcome back Coronado Brewing Company to the festival’s beer and wine garden.  In 1996, Brothers Ron and Rick Chapman realized a long-time dream and got ahead of the craft brew curve in a big way, opening a brewpub in the heart of their hometown of Coronado on Aug. 30th. Pioneers of craft brewing, they found themselves in an industry of 1 of 5 in San Diego at that time.  Now in its third decade, Brewing is still their middle name, but Coronado wants you to Stay Coastal.

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